Yoga unites mind, body, and breath in a moving meditation. Courtney combines multiple styles of yoga to meet your health needs. She is experienced in teaching vinyasa yoga, restorative yoga, yin yoga, breath work, meditation, tantra, and more.


General Benefits of Yoga

-increases body awareness

-improves circulation of blood throughout the body

-increases flexibility & builds strength

-relieves chronic back pain

-prevents injury

-lowers resting heart rate

-reduces stress & anxiety

Benefits of Intimate Health Yoga

-all that plus…

-increases body awareness of your pelvis, genitals, & personal areas of pleasure

-heightens sensation & your body’s capacity to experience pleasure

-opens the hips for baby-making fun & childbirth

-improves connection to your body after dissociation from pain or trauma

-increases blood flow to the pelvis

-increases flexibility & builds strength in the pelvic floor muscles

-enhances your libido

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Falling in love with a man who is very much the opposite of myself is amazing but also new to learning about what we both like and how to communicate that with out a bruised ego. Ahhhh also, not sure if you saw the amazingly intense experience he had during eye gazing which brought him to crying.... my heart exploded. Thank you for making it feel like such a safe and open space to have those experiences and connection. He’s usually so in his brain and it was so touching to see his love and heart take over in those moments. MY HEART EXPLODED!!
— Couple's Yoga client

Intimate Health Yoga Classes

Intimate Health Restorative Yoga

Learn relaxation techniques focused on relieving stress and pain from the pelvic area associated with menstrual cramps, chronic/built-up tension, and even emotional tension. With Intimate Health Restorative yoga, you'll always learn something about your sexual health and how integrative methods can support your journey to optimal health. This style combines tantra, therapeutic yoga, and breathing techniques to increase blood flow and body awareness in the the pelvic region. This is designed to heighten sensation while improving your overall sexual and reproductive health. Perfect for people of all ages, genders, and yoga experience.


Customized Therapeutic Yoga Session*

This YOUR class- to meet your own specific needs. Whether you are recovering from injury, surgery, illness, or just want more attention to your form, I will bring you through a custom practice to feeling amazing. I have helped hundreds of clients with their health concerns, and I do what it takes to make a healing experience for you!

Ask yourself: What do I need? What am I ready to open up to in my life?

Prenatal, Birth-Prep, and Post-Birth Yoga Sessions

prenatal Yoga


Yoga has incredible benefits for pregnant people. There's a reason doctors recommend it! Move through meditation, breath work, stretches, strengthening poses, and relaxation to prepare your body for childbirth. Yoga during pregnancy helps strengthen the muscles of the pelvic floor and uterus, and improves circulation and digestion. It helps to relieve low back pain, swelling, and discomforts associated with pregnancy. As a birth doula, I use many different techniques to support a  graceful transition into motherhood. Prenatal Yoga will benefit people with all-levels of experience.

Birth prep yoga therapy


One-on-one class for expecting mothers 38+ weeks. This is the time i your pregnancy where your body slows down, your energy slightly dips, and your body and mind start to get ready for child birth. It is an extremely important time to stay focused on maintaining your calm, release fears around birth, and de-stress for a smooth transition into motherhood. This is a very relaxing and restorative session with plenty of hands-on-assists and massages to soothe you. Expect deep relaxation and restorative poses to open and relax the pelvis and hips. As a birth doula, I may use pressure points and techniques to help encourage the start of labor. You deserve it babe!

Postpartum recovery yoga

You gave birth like a bad ass, and you are doing this motherhood thing. Now, its time to find a good balance for your new way of being. Along with the beauty of childbirth comes a lot of surprises, like birthing injuries, emotional rollercoasters, or even pure bliss. This session focuses on YOUR needs so you can show up for your family as your truest self. You are still the sensual beauty that brought life into the world, and you can celebrate that! This class is very customized to your needs, because, every body responds differently to birth! Restore the muscles of the pelvic floor, learn tools to strengthen them daily, release any birth trauma, and bring back sexy sensation to feel more orgasmic than ever before. You got this.

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