Intimate Health Workshops

Intimate Health Yoga Workshops combine health education and yoga to learn and explore what makes YOU feel amazing. There is power in combining science and spirituality to further your insight into overall health and wellness. Courtney researches the most effective tools, and teaches them in a fun, approachable way. From yoga, anatomy, breath work, tantra, meditation, sex ed, birth doula tricks, and more… you will absolutely learn something new.

A fun & health-conscious addition to your birthday party, bachelorette party, or get-together!

I’ll bring the yoga props, workbooks, music, and more, you provide the venue.

Private Workshop Fee:

1-6 people= $300

7+ people= $50 per person

Inquire below! For parties of 20+ please contact us.

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…for better sex and orgasms

It’s time to re-learn sex ed with a focus on experiencing pleasure. When you combine anatomy awareness with yoga for mind-body awareness, sex feels better! In this fun workshop you’ll explore the physical and energetic anatomy of different types of orgasms. With health education, yoga poses, breathwork, tantric techniques, and more, you will absolutely learn something new about yourself. Learn how to utilize your sexual energy to its full potential, and create sexual healing for yourself and your partner(s). Workshop includes a take-home orgasmic health manual to sexplore your body on your own.

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Intimate Partner Yoga Workshop

…for better connection

How can you create a deeper intimate connection with yourself and your partner? Yoga improves your mind-body connection. When you share this connection with someone your intimacy becomes next-level deep. In this workshop, you'll work with your partner to learn yoga poses, breathwork, massage moves, communication techniques, and more. This combination will improve your physical and mental capacity for deeper connection and love. Workshop includes a take-home guide highlighting what you've learned to continue the sexy fun. Bring your significant other, or we’ll pair you with another amazing human.


Prenatal Yoga Workshop

…for a better pregnancy & childbirth experience

This Workshop is for pregnant yogis who want to better understand their changing yoga practice and yoga teachers who want a deeper insight into teaching prenatal yoga. Modify your yoga practice for yourself or your students through pregnancy while preparing for childbirth. Yoga teachers and expecting mothers alike will have a deeper understanding of how to support the body’s changes throughout the entire pregnancy, and even through labor. You will learn some great tips and tricks to ease discomfort and other pregnancy-related issues. Be ready to dive into anatomy, doula tricks, and yoga to expand your knowledge of the miracle of birth. Workshop includes a take-home guide to help you navigate prenatal yoga on your own.


prenatal Partner Yoga Workshop

…empower your birth with your birthing partner

It is extremely empowering when you feel supported and know how to ask for help during pregnancy and the birthing process. Whether your birthing partner is the other parent or someone important in your life, they can learn ways to better support a mama-to-be through pregnancy and childbirth. This is an intimate time full of physical, mental, and emotional changes, and everyone involved will feel the power of this transformation. In this workshop, you will move through yoga poses to encourage a positive birth experience and techniques to better assist your pregnant partner through the discomforts of pregnancy and birth. Take home some important doula tips & tricks that everyone should know going into labor to feel confident in helping before, during, and after birth. You cannot plan your birth story, but you can be prepared to deal with whatever comes your way! Workshop includes a take-home guide so you’ll remember what to do when the magic happens.

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Pelvic Floor Awareness Workshop

…for body awareness & sensation

Your pelvic floor muscles want you to pay attention to them! In this workshop, you will learn the importance of building a relationship with your pelvic floor. Male or female, these muscles are essential for your health, especially when it comes to sex and childbirth. You’ll learn yoga poses, breathwork, and body awareness techniques to increase blood flow, build strength, and release tension. Feel more during sex, relieve incontinence, reduce impotence, and better prepare for childbirth & recovery. Workshop includes a take-home guide highlighting what you’ve learned so you can continue on your own.

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Period Yoga - Women’s Workshop

…for better periods

Painful periods and intense PMS? We feel ya! Learn the basics of yoga for self-care before, during and after your period. If you have ovaries and a uterus, you know just how much your body can fluctuate throughout the month. Yoga is a holistic way to embrace your ever-changing body and support it during your flow. We’ll move through active and restorative poses to reduce bloat, pain, and irritability. Energetically, your period is a time to release and start a fresh cycle- it is the perfect time to check in with yourself. Bring your journal to practice a fun way to set intentions and track period symptoms. Workshop includes a take-home guide to continue this self-care when your period arrives.

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Healthy Boobies - Women’s Workshop

…for your breast self-care

An entire workshop dedicated to breast health. It’s time for you to love your boobies up and learn concrete ways to care for them instead of shaming or oversexualizing them. Learn breast anatomy and practice yoga poses to bring blood flow and sensation to breast tissue. Put an end to shrugging your shoulders and hiding your boobies with heart-opening poses to improve your posture. You’ll also learn self breast massage techniques for healthy lymph flow. Build a positive relationship with your own body and love what your mama gave you. Bring a journal to write out self-love mantras, and wear a comfortable sports bra (not too tight!) Workshop includes a take-home guide to continue your boob-care at home.

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