Orgasmic Health Workshop

Science & Spirituality to experience more from your Orgasms

Curious to explore the potential of your orgasms?

When you apply mindfulness to your sexual experiences, you wake up to the endless amounts of pleasure available to you in an orgasmic state of being.

In this workshop you’ll experience a yoga flow to bring blood flow and awareness to your pelvic region and beyond. Build strong and healthy muscles, while releasing chronic tension that inhibits pleasure and energy flow.

You’ll learn the physical and energetic anatomy of multiple types of orgasms, and how to incorporate mindfulness and breath techniques into your sex life for more connected and transformational experiences.

You will definitely learn something new, and leave with the confidence to sexplore your body and mind in your own intimate way.

It’s time to give your sex life the attention and mindfulness it deserves!

You'll get a workbook with information to practice on your own. Please wear comfortable clothes to practice in, and bring a journal and pen if you'd like to take more notes.

All genders and all levels of yoga welcome

ages 18+

…Coming soon to the Intimate Health Online Yoga Studio!


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