Yoni Eggs - how to safely use a vagina crystal


A yoni egg is a beautiful tool for self-discovery and pelvic floor strengthening when used the right way.

For the safest and most convenient yoni egg practice...use a condom!


What exactly is a yoni egg?

Yoni is the sanskrit word for female genitalia, or more directly, the womb. It symbolizes the goddess Shakti, and represents feminine, creative power.

A yoni egg is a polished crystal egg with a hole drilled through the top for attaching a string. You insert this egg in your vagina and practice specific exercises by pulling on the string to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles and get to know your vagina.

It is believed to have originated in Ancient China. In the Taoist tradition, a woman’s chi (energy) arises from the vagina, and keeping this chi strong and active are vital for overall health. According to multiple new age sources, polished Jade stones shaped as eggs were used by the emperor’s concubines for longevity and beauty, which was achieved by a strong and healthy vagina.

My story

My first yoni egg launched me into my personal journey of exploring my vagina, and my intimate connection with myself. It was the first time I really understood what my pelvic floor muscles could do, and how beautiful this part of my body truly was. This was over 5 years ago, and the information at that time totally had me enamored by the magic of it. While I practiced specific exercises, I would also leave it in and go about my day, expecting amazing sexual energy, youthfulness, and energy connection because of it.

Late in 2017, I went through my own struggles with pelvic pain, dysmenorrhea and ovarian cysts. During this time, I stopped using my egg all together because I was in pain. This was also the time when Gwenyth Peltrow’s GOOP website got in a lot of trouble for making far out claims about their yoni eggs. It made me question everything. I spoke with multiple pelvic floor physical therapists, and did my own research. I learned that leaving the egg in all day was doing me no good. Did it cause my ovarian cysts and pelvic pain? No. But, not using it when my body really needed to rest was important.

Why Crystal?

Ancient Mayan and Chinese cultures wore jade jewelry for protection and healing, and many alternative therapies continue to use crystals for the same reason. I put crystals on my altar, and I appreciate them as a physical reminder of a deeper intention for myself. It is fascinating to see how nature can take minerals under pressure and temperature changes to create beauty.

The yoni eggs we see today are typically made from a hard crystal. The Mohs scale is how experts rate a crystal’s hardness, or ‘scratchability’ from 1-10: 1 is very soft, and 10 is as hard as diamond. Typically yoni eggs are made from crystals with a Mohs scale of 6 or higher because they can be safely washed and are less porous. Jade is typically 6-7, and rose quartz is typically 7-7.5, so these work well as yoni eggs.


Why are yoni eggs getting a bad rap right now?

Gwyneth Peltrow’s GOOP website lost a lawsuit for claims they made about the yoni eggs they sold. They claimed that using these eggs will “cleanse your uterus” and “balance your hormones.” This could give a vagina-owner the wrong message- that something is wrong with their uterus, or that their hormonal imbalance can be solved overnight.

They went further to describe different healing properties of each crystal: rose quartz will “activate your heart,” jade will “increase your sexual energy and pleasure,” and I’ve even heard a claim that an Obsidian egg will “ absorb negative energy and heal trauma.”

I love crystals. However, I believe that YOU are responsible for your own healing. True physical health and mental/emotional wellness must come from YOU! YOU have the choice to reach out for support. No magical stone is going to do this for you, because YOU are the magical one.

One particularly outraged OBGYN, Dr. Jennifer Gunter, pointed out a number of reasons why these eggs are bad for women. Here is my take on how to best address some of the points she made, if you think a yoni egg can help you…

Were these actually a secret tool used in Ancient China by concubines?

Dr. Gunter published an article earlier this year in the Female Pelvic Medicine & Reconstructive Surgery journal. She reviewed 4 major Chinese art and archeology collections in the US and found no evidence of jade eggs being used. Her question- is this a completely made up trend?

Naturally, when it comes to ancient archeology some things are left to a researcher’s interpretation of ancient artifacts and lack of written records. This study was also clearly limited since she did not look through any records in China.

However, it does raise a good point. How sure are we that every concubine and sexual goddess of Ancient China used these tools? Whether or not these have been used for centuries… can these really help our modern vaginas?

To the yoni egg’s defense, vibrators were certainly never used in Ancient China, but does that make them bad? I don’t think so! Also, consider the journal that this article was published in: Female Pelvic Medicine & Reconstructive Surgery. They will publish studies that encourage a more modern medical approach to a healthy vagina.

I believe that if a yoni egg helps you feel good, then you don’t need to look through archaeological records to feel good about using one safely.

Will it give you A disease?

Dr. Gunter explained that since crystals are porous by nature, they could potentially harbor bacteria, viruses, or fungus. She went as far as claiming they could cause the deadly Toxic Shock Syndrome. This is a pretty bold statement.

Perhaps some yoni egg vendors do not stress the importance of cleanliness, but please know cleanliness is the most important part of a yoni egg practice.

If you truly take responsibility for your personal hygiene, you will make sure that ANYTHING that goes inside your vagina is very clean, and you should not be sharing them with others!

It is also important to make sure your egg is made of a crystal with a Mohs scale higher than 6 (Like quartz) Please do your research before using your current egg or choosing a new one!

To be honest- the tiny little hole that is drilled through the egg for the string is poorly designed for cleaning. This is why I tried using a condom with my yoni egg, and it worked even better than the string method! This ensures no risk of contamination and makes it extremely easy for cleanup before and after use.


Should you leave it in all day?


Use it for specific exercises (Intimate Health Pussy Power Yoga Exercises coming out soon!) Don’t leave it in during the day and go about your business. Don’t leave it in overnight. DON’T DO IT! Set aside a specific time for your yoni egg practice to connect with yourself.

Pain-free Sex Coach & Pelvic Floor Physical Therapist, Dr. Rose Schlaff, DPT, WHC, IF, describes that inserting your egg and then wearing it around all day is like carrying around weights in bicep curl all day. This will actually make your muscles tense and tight, not strong and healthy. Any muscle needs to be able to strengthen, lengthen, and then relax. Tense pelvic floor muscles can lead to major pelvic issues and chronic pain. Nobody wants that!

Using a condom to do specific exercise with your pelvic floor is ideal for this! The condom has the perfect amount of give, and it will stop you from walking around with a condom hanging out of your vagina.

Is a yoni egg practice for every body?

Screen Shot 2019-06-16 at 4.51.37 PM.png


People with chronic pelvic pain or muscle tension really do not need yoni eggs for strengthening their pelvic floor muscles. People with this problem can work on massaging their pelvic floor muscles, breathing deeply, practicing restorative yoga, and working on relaxing these muscles instead.

Will it Get Lost Inside Me?


Your vagina is not an empty vacuum. Some people who use the egg without a string or a condom may have a hard time releasing the egg if their muscles are hyper-tense. With the condom method, you will avoid this issue by holding onto the open end of the condom, so you’ll always have control over it.

What are the benefits of a yoni egg practice?


People with penises have an easier time getting to know their genitalia. The penis is on the outside of the body, leaving little mystery as to how it works or what it looks like.

Screen Shot 2019-06-16 at 4.49.48 PM.png

People with vaginas need to go the extra mile to explore their genitalia. The vagina is inside the body, and you typically need a mirror and your fingers or a tool to look past the vulva and into your vagina. It is easy for vagina-owners to feel disconnected from this part of their bodies. A yoni egg is an excellent way to get to know your vagina in a more intimate and informed way.

Intentional Healing

As discussed in my previous blog post, healing is most effective when you address all aspects of health: physical, mental, and spiritual/emotional. If you have a tangible reminder of your mind-body connection, then you are involving your entire being in your healing process. This is true healing.

Consider that true healing come from the intention and meaning that you give the crystal, and not the power of the crystal itself.

If you decide to start a yoni egg practice, what is your intention for its use? How do you want to connect with yourself? What emotions and old belief systems are you ready to let go of? How do you want to feel when you connect with your vagina? This is the foundation for your yoni egg practice.

Body Awareness and Sensation

A yoni egg is not a sex toy intended to make you orgasm. It is intended to increase body awareness in a sensitive area. Think about your mindset around using a tampon… You insert it with the intention of not feeling the tampon inside you at all– because its uncomfortable. Years of using tampons can keep our minds in the practice of actively trying not to feel the inside of our vaginas. When it comes to then trying to experience pleasure, this could make it a bit more difficult to switch into our feeling mind again.

Body awareness is the “internal sense of body structures and their relationships to each other.” Yoga is a practice that increases body awareness. A yoni egg practice is like a yoga practice for your vagina.

During your yoni egg practice, you want to become aware of all sensation. How does it feel inside of me? Can I feel the egg move up the vagina toward my cervix when I engage my muscles? Can I feel the egg move down toward the opening when I relax those muscles. Can I use those same muscles to actually push the egg out?

Strengthening your Pelvic Floor Muscles

Like I discuss in the Pelvic Floor article, your pelvic floor muscles need to be strong, and they also need to relax. Healthy pelvic floor muscles are essential important for more pleasurable sex, experiencing orgasms, delivering babies vaginally, and making sure you aren’t peeing when you sneeze, jump, or run.

If you know you need to strengthen your pelvic floor, a yoni egg will be very helpful. If you have experienced prolapse, you should consult with your doctor or a pelvic floor physical therapist first.

Postpartum Use

A yoni egg practice can help postpartum moms tremendously. Yoni eggs can help a mother recover from a vaginal birth, bringing awareness, muscle tone, and blood flow to the healing tissues. A yoni egg practice can help a new mom reconnect and get to know her vagina in a new way, whether her delivery was vaginal or caesarean. It’s a great tool to build your intimate relationship with yourself again. New moms should wait until their healthcare professional gives them the ok, at least 6-8 weeks after birth.

Pregnancy & IUD’s

It is not advised to use a yoni egg with an IUD, because the risk of interrupting its position in your cervix is not worth it.

During pregnancy, it is important that you ask your healthcare provider if a pelvic floor strengthening tool can benefit your health. It can be a good tool to help you discover your pelvic floor muscles if you’ve never experienced them before pregnancy. However, it is important to ask your healthcare provider.


You should not use your yoni egg during your period. This is when your vagina needs a break so it can fully relax and release during this time.

**DISCLAIMER** I am not a doctor. YOU know your body better than anyone. I typically encourage every vagina owner to see a pelvic floor physical therapist, especially if they believe they have a more serious issue. Seeing a specialist AND working with a tool like a yoni egg can help you on many levels.

what you put inside your vagina is your choice. I want you to be informed about your options!

In this video, you'll learn what yoni eggs are, and how you can benefit by starting your own yoni egg practice.


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