Trusted Resources

We work with some pretty epic people that are up to big things. It can be overwhelming to navigate through resources for your most intimate health questions, so here are some amazing people and companies that we trust and love to collaborate with…


the sex ed

The Sex Ed is our go-to site for trusted and reliable health education. With all kinds of health & sex experts, we are honored to be their featured Public Health & Yoga expert!

The Sex Ed is a digital platform dedicated to sex, health and consciousness. We are here to educate, inform and inspire new discussions around sexual wellness.


Dr. lauren Mallari-Snyder, PT, DPT

Thrive Physical Therapy, San Diego

Dr. Lauren shares our passion for pelvic floor health and proper posture! We love teaching workshops & events with her, and trust her as a referral for pelvic floor physical therapy.

“As a Doctor of Physical Therapy, movement and the soft tissues and joint components related to movement, are my jam! Assessment and treatment must go far beyond range of motion and strength testing. I look at how your musculoskeletal, fascial, visceral, neurodynamics and neuromuscular control systems all work together and allow or impair the way you move.”

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Comprehensive Therapy services

We love places that encourage a holistic approach to healing & wellness. The huge team of Physical Therapists & more at CTS are warm, welcoming, and super helpful when we host our workshop series at their office.

At CTS, we strive to deliver the highest quality of multi-disciplinary physical therapy in a comforting and fun environment. Our dedicated team of professionals partner with our patients to establish a pathway to healing.

San Diego, CA