A Sex-Positive online Yoga Studio for women

Yoga, Meditation, Breathwork, & Workshops

to improve your intimate health and experience more pleasure in life!


Current Offerings


Health education + Yoga Workshop

Things that every woman should know!

Build awareness, strengthen, relax, and connect to this important muscle group- so you can experience more pleasure in & out of the bedroom.


Access to all of it! Whenever you need it!


Find a time to get on your yoga mat with me via Facetime or Zoom video call. I’ll record our session & send you the video to practice on your own!


A personalized yoga video for your specific needs!

Fill out a form to tell me what you need, and get access to your yoga within 6 days.


A personalized yoga video for your specific needs!

Fill out a form to tell me what you need, and get access to your yoga video within 6 days.

Coming soon

Yoga Bundles

  • Prenatal Yoga

  • PostPartum Yoga

  • Pelvic Floor Strengthening Yoga

  • Pelvic Floor Relaxation Yoga

  • Period Yoga

Workshops & Immersions

  • Yoni Egg Workshop

  • 7 Days of Sexy Yoga Immersion


Tell me more…

Intimate Health Yoga Classes are designed to improve your intimate health

  • increase body awareness to heighten sensation in your vagina

  • reduce stress & its effect on your sex life

  • build your mind-body connection, and your mind-vagina connection

  • release pelvic tension, strengthen pelvic floor muscles, & learn how to use these muscles to feel more pleasure

  • relieve period pain

  • improve your intimate connection with yourself

  • improve your intimate connection with your partner (through partner yoga classes)

All lengths of classes (because a few minutes of yoga is better than none)

You only have 10 free minutes, but you want to release pelvic tension… there’s a class for you!

Classes range from 3 minutes to 60 minutes, with lots of 10-30 min classes that get right to the point.

I want to make classes that you need & want!

Tell me what you want more of, tell me what your main concerns are! I love to customize the yoga class to meet my clients’ needs, so I want to hear from you and make classes to improve YOUR intimate health.

Customized Yoga Classes

Want a Yoga class to address your specific needs? Fill out an Intimate Health questionnaire to help me make a video that you’ll want to do again and again!

Workshops that get deeper into sexual health education

Learn more with online workshops that go deep into certain topics. I’ll address important health topics from multiple perspectives so you will have a deeper understanding of how to make healthy choices for your sexual & reproductive health.

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