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Intimate Renewal Women's Health Retreat

  • Fallbrook, CA USA (map)

Intimate Renewal

Women’s Health Retreat

Fallbrook, California

Friday, June 7 - Sunday, June 9

2 night, 3 day, all-inclusive luxury retreat


An all-inclusive women's retreat to hit the reset button on life.

Escape to a luxury estate, just north of San Diego for a weekend of yoga, pilates, healing food, kundalini breathwork, meditation, health education workshops, and sharing circles for emotional support, and more.

Are you feeling the need to look in and renew your body, mind, and soul? This is your chance. Take a journey inward as you are guided to deepen your personal healing journey and reawaken your brilliant soul.
Arrive exactly as you are, and leave as a renewed version of yourself. Enjoy plenty of time for self-reflection while relaxing poolside, and overlooking the stunning vineyards at a luxury estate.

Intimate Health Team


Courtney Avery

Yoga Teacher, Health Educator, Birth Doula, Guide to feeling more pleasure in life.


Holly Walker

Pilates & Meditation Teacher, Massage therapist, Guide to living your most authentic life.


Jen Avery

Retreat Coordinator, Boss Babe, Guide to making your experience wonderful.


Sylvie Coulange

Chef, Author, Guide to creating a healing relationship with nurturing food.

I would absolutely recommend this retreat to anyone. Specifically anyone who is ready to take a closer look at themselves. Courtney, Holly, Sylvie and Jen (but obviously ALL the amazing women I shared the weekend with as well <3) have done such a fantastic job making sure everyone felt comfortable and supported throughout the weekend activities. Looking at yourself through a microscope (or in this case, meditation, yoga, breathing and self reflection) can be an intimidating thing, but everyone involved was nothing but warm and understanding. The weekend was full of positivity, good energy and love all around. Not to mention the MIND BLOWING FOOD made by Silvie. :) Do yourself a favor and BOOK NOW!
— Brie, Chicago, IL

What to Expect

  • Intimate Health Yoga classes with Courtney- learn to increase body awareness of the pelvic floor to release tension and build healthy strength for improved intimacy, orgasms, and overall health. Yoga is for all-levels, and will be modified to your individual health needs.

  • Pilates + Kundalini classes with Holly- to stoke your internal fire and light up your life force energy. This powerful combination of pilates and Kundalini yoga kriyas will work your body, open your heart, and expand your consciousness. All-levels classes are modified to meet your individual health needs.

  • Personal Chakra Scan- upon arrival, you will have a one-on-one session with either Holly or Courtney to check the energy levels of your seven chakras. Throughout the weekend, we will work on balancing these energies so you feel whole, radiant, and complete. Before you leave, meet with them once more to see where your energy is after a weekend of healing work. You’ll be empowered to keep this energy flowing!

  • Orgasmic Health & Self-Care Workshop- learn the physical & energetic anatomy of your orgasms, and how to experience more pleasure in all aspects of life. Your intimate health deserves more attention! Learn powerful ways to improve your self-care for a more intimate connection with your own body.

  • Cord Cutting Meditation- release energetic cords from past relationships and events with a powerful guided meditation. Mentally and energetically, cord-cutting can help you release what is no longer serving you.

  • Nurturing Meals- Sylvie’s mission is to inspire healing and wellbeing with food. She will be making clean, whole, gluten-free meals. Choose from 3 meal plans, and customize your meal plan from there to accommodate any food sensitivities or allergies.

    • Vegan Meal Plan: No meat, dairy, eggs, or animal products of any kind.

    • Vegetarian Meal Plan: No meat. Eggs, sheep milk, and goat milk are all ok

    • Pescatarian Meal Plan: Fish, eggs, sheep milk, and goat milk are all ok.

  • Shared Rooms- this retreat takes place at a lovely estate in Fallbrook, CA. We will treat it as our shared home for the weekend. At this style of retreat, there are mostly shared rooms and bathrooms. With multiple room options and prices to choose from- be sure to book one that suits your needs, or fits your group of friends.



*tentative-schedule tends to flow with our energy ;)



3-5pm check-in & settle in

5pm personal chakra scan

5:30pm opening circle

6pm intimate health yoga session

7:30pm dinner

9pm stargazing, conversations, & bedtime



7am coffee, tea, & fruit by the pool for early risers

7:30am pilates + kundalini session

9:00am breakfast

11am orgasmic health & self-care workshop

1pm cord cutting meditation

1:30pm lunch

2:30-4:30pm free time to reflect & journal

4:30pm sharing circle

5:30pm release & restore yoga

7pm dinner

9pm forgiveness ritual + bedtime stretches



7am coffee, tea & fruit by the pool for early risers

7:30am pilates + kundalini session

9am breakfast

10:30am closing circle

11am personal chakra scan

12pm check-out

Personal chakra scan upon arrival and departure to guide your weekend healing journey

Room options

  • 4-person room: $810/person = 1 Shared King bed + 2 Twin beds

  • 3-person room: $840/peron = 1 Queen bed + 2 Twin beds

  • 2-person room: SOLD OUT

  • 1-person room: SOLD OUT

Reserve your spot now with a deposit or full payment…


This experience was influential, meaningful, and inspirational. I loved learning more about myself in so many different ways. I learned about my body, about my own personal powers, and I learned about lives of inspirational women around me. I can’t wait for the next one!
— Stacie, San Diego, CA
This retreat was the best thing I could have done for myself. Courtney is amazing. She so warm and welcoming, and everyone I met on the retreat was the same as well. Words can’t describe how much love and power I felt after leaving the retreat.
— Stephanie, Chicago, IL
This retreat has made me into the best version of myself. Being surrounded by powerful women is the most beautiful thing. The yoga was great, food was great and people even better!!!
— Maddy, San Diego, CA

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A $150 deposit is required for a hold on your ticket. Full payment is due May 24th, 2019. The reservation is only held with a deposit or full payment.

Intimate Health does not store any banking data or share personal customer information with third parties.

Cancellations & Refunds

You can cancel your reservation up to 2 weeks prior to the retreat via email to for a full refund. If the reservation is cancelled less than 2 weeks prior to the retreat, we will refund your payment but not the deposit.

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