When babies happen you deserve to feel like a badass babe before, during, and after childbirth. Do something good for you!

Doula: (n) a trained professional who provides continuous physical, emotional and informational support to a mother before, during and shortly after childbirth to help her achieve the healthiest, most satisfying experience possible.

Birth Doula Services in San Diego

This is your birth, and I'm here to empower you before, during, and after childbirth to make this a seamless transition into the next stage of your life. You are amazing, strong, and beautiful and I am here to remind you of that. Besides providing you with an overload of holistic, and evidence-based health education, your Birth Doula package includes:

  • Two prenatal visits with the parents
    • Create your Birth Vision, address concerns, special needs, etc.
    • Practice guided meditations and breathing techniques
  • Two one-on-one Birth Prep Yoga Therapy Sessions after 38 weeks to prepare you for the main event
  • On-Call Service two weeks before and two weeks after your estimated date of delivery: I will be ready with my bag of magic packed to assist you at any moment!
  • All the attention, pampering, and assistance you can imagine throughout all stages of labor and delivery
  • Postpartum visit to review the birth and discuss any questions, concerns, and triumphs
  • Postpartum Recovery Yoga class: 4-8 weeks after birth to help bring your body and mind back to an even better state
  • All the phone calls and texts you need throughout the process, because this sh** is exciting




Prenatal Yoga Workshop

Modify your yoga practice for yourself or your students through pregnancy and childbirth. Yoga teachers and expecting mothers alike will have a deeper understanding of how to support the body’s changes throughout the entire pregnancy. You will learn some great tips and tricks to ease discomfort and other pregnancy-related issues. Be ready to dive into anatomy, doula tricks, and yoga to expand your knowledge of the miracle of birth.

Interested in Birth DOula Services?

If you want to feel like a sexy badass babe before, during, and after childbirth...you know you can do it, because you are already all of those things! If you would like more info on how I can support you through this incredible journey, contact me below...

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