Why Sex?

Intimate Health Yoga is all about being Sex Positive! Why ignore this important aspect of health when discussing overall health?  An intimate health yoga workshop combines sex ed and yoga to explore and learn about what makes you feel amazing. When we are disconnected from our sexuality, we may feel disconnected in many other areas, physically, mentally, and emotionally. It's time to harness your sexual energy and use it to be the best version of you.




Re-learn sex ed with a focus on pleasure! We’ll move through yoga poses and exercises to increase your body awareness as we explore the physical and energetic anatomy of all types of orgasms. You’ll leave with tools to control your pelvic floor, breath, and sexual energy to experience more sensation and sexiness in every area of your life.


Let love in: an emotional hygiene workshop

Are you ready to open up to new love? Learn tantric techniques to clear your chakras of the emotions and energies of past relationships, or past ways-of-being in relationships. We will cut chords and release emotional ties. You'll be ready to fill yourself up with self-love and supercharge your own sexual energy to attract positive relationships. These tool will help you evolve in your relationship with yourself or somebody else. Be ready to fall back in love with your sexy self!

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Prenatal Yoga Workshop

Modify your yoga practice for yourself or your students through pregnancy and childbirth. Yoga teachers and expecting mothers alike will have a deeper understanding of how to support the body’s changes throughout the entire pregnancy. You will learn some great tips and tricks to ease discomfort and other pregnancy-related issues. Be ready to dive into anatomy, doula tricks, and yoga to expand your knowledge of the miracle of birth.

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