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Combining the science of sexual health education

with the spirituality of yoga

TO experience more pleasure in life!

Our Mission

Our mission is to open your mind with pleasure-inclusive sex-ed to confidently explore your intimate connection with your body, mind, and soul. When you know the basics of your physical health, and how to mentally and spiritually look deeper within- you can mindfully improve your Intimate Health. Deepen your connection with your self and those you love through yoga to find pleasure in every moment.

Our Philosophy


Know how your body works


Do yoga


Be Mindful


Get the help you need


Improve your Intimate Health!



Courtney Avery, MPH

Creator of Intimate Health Yoga

Courtney Avery has her Masters of Public Health, is an E-RYT200 certified Yoga Instructor, and Birth Doula.

She earned her Masters of Public Health degree to apply health education methods across a variety of cultures to address women's health, reproductive health, global health, and disease prevention. Courtney used yoga as a way to feel more connected to her body and her spirituality. When she started teaching yoga, she realized this was the perfect way to incorporate mind-body awareness into health education. From this philosophy, she created Intimate Health Yoga. As she researches sexual health from many different perspectives, her goal is to provide you with ways to find more pleasure in your own life.

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My ever-evolving journey…

With an undergraduate degree in Anthropology, minoring in Chemistry and Microbiology & Immunology, I was on track to go to medical school. I realized the immense impact of preventative medicine on a larger scale, and this totally changed my mind.  I felt I could make a big difference here, so I went on to earn my Masters of Public Health at the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine, with a concentration in community health education and disease prevention, focused on global health, women's issues, and behavior change.

My field work and research included: Western China to study the anthropology of Traditional Chinese Medicine and its impact on minority politics. Tibet to study the anthropology of Traditional Tibetan Medicine and Tibetan Buddhist culture. South Africa to study the impact of Traditional Health Practitioners and their effect on the HIV/Tb epidemic in Rural South Africa. The indigenous San Blas Islands of Panama to study the ethnobotany of traditional Guna medicine. My Masters work was Implementing a Culturally Competent Mind-Body Awareness Program for Women: Inspired by a Holistic Approach to Health Amongst the Guna Indians.

One summer in grad school, I decided to enroll in a yoga teacher training to 'get better at yoga' with no intention of actually teaching. This training flipped my world upside down as we got deeper and deeper into the self-inquiry, realizations, and immense growth that the practice of yoga brings up. As I started teaching yoga, I quickly realized that yoga was one of the best methods of health education I could offer. When you stop to really feel your body and observe your thoughts, you can absorb information and integrate it into your way of being in a very tangible and physical way.

I began to teach prenatal yoga by default as it coincided with my graduate studies and experiences working in birth clinics in South Africa where I “caught" a baby for the first time as it came into the world. I fell in love with teaching prenatal yoga, and eventually went on to become a birth doula. Assisting families through the journey of childbirth– before, during, and after, has shown me the miracle of what our bodies are capable of. I also witnessed the lack of education and even confidence around our most intimate health questions.

I knew the importance of conventional sexual health education. Wear a condom, make good choices, and get tested. What I did not like was how disconnected sex ed can be from actually allowing you to feel your body. I wanted to open up the conversation of how things felt in the body and how to experience more pleasure during sex.

I knew how sensual yoga was for me, and how I was able to accept and love my body exactly as it was. I knew my sex life improved, and I was feeling orgasms more than I ever had! There was still a lack of healthy “sex talk” in a regular yoga class, and I wanted to open up that conversation!

I went on a personal journey to learn about everything that has to do with sexual health, and I am still on that journey! I’ve learned from Tantra teachers, yoga gurus, womb specialists, shamans, OBGYN’s physical therapists, and more. My goal is to share these learnings with you, combining my experiences from different perspectives of health and wellness. Intimate Health Yoga is my way of communicating this never-ending research with you in a fun, approachable, and pleasurable way.


Jen Avery

Co-founder of Intimate Health, LLC.


Jen and Courtney are sisters by blood. Jen has an extensive background working to create major corporate events. After 8 years of living and working in a fast-paced industry in the city that never sleeps, New York, she decided to drastically change her life and move to California. Yoga was her constant through the stress & anxiety of corporate life, and she noticed how much this practice helped her physically, mentally, and emotionally. After helping Courtney with a retreat and seeing the effect that these retreats had on the women attending and herself, she wanted to be a part of it! She consistently brings Intimate Health to the next level! Jen manages all Intimate Health Events and retreats, and is here to help make your experience on your Intimate Health journey a pleasant one.

Courtney has a humble confidence that immediately makes people feel comfortable: she’s living proof that it’s cool to feel sexy and own it. Talking so openly about has given me a newfound confidence in the bedroom that I never imagined was possible.
— Maggie, 26

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